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  • Large User Icons  v.2010.2Glossy and smooth Large User Icons can help your program stand out to users and will allow them to navigate your menu or list of options with intuitive styling.
  • C:JAM - Central Jet Accounts Manager  v.1.4c:JAM is an intuitive and powerful security- and user account-management tool for MS-Access, designed to simplify and centralize workgroup administration esp. in professional intranet environments with large user numbers and distributed applications ...
  • EmailChecker5  v.2007This software is an utilitarian kid who permits via internet to interrogate the servers of messaging. He/it connects to the server of messaging, post the messages, and indicate to the user numbers it of messages.
  • 1-4a Rename  v.1.561-4a Rename is built to be an excellent freeware file renamer for large file numbers 1-4a Rename is built to be an excellent freeware file renamer for large file numbers. Here are some key features of "1 4a Rename": - Perfect Display - All important ...
  • DMAIG Alumni Management System  v.1.0The DMAIG Management System's goal is to organize content and increase the efficiency of an organization looking for Xaraya modules that allows a small non-technical group to create, maintain, and utilize information on a large user set.
  • Vlum  v.1.0A viewer for large user models. VlUM visualises an RDF description of a user model graph.
  • VB Crypto Classes  v.1.0This is a collection of vb class modules written in native Visual Basic. They provide the following functionality: Processing of very large integer numbers, hashing algorithms, prime number handling and an implementation of the RSA algorithm.
  • DDH  v.1.0A Differential Dividing Head (hence DDH) creates the possibility of large numbers of divisions by using gearing to move the hole plate at some fraction of the spindle rotation.
  • SQL Recovery  v.6.0SQL recovery tool is the perfect and easy to use solution that helps users to recover data from corrupt MDF database of MS SQL Server. It also provides safety to the large user’s database and even recovers highly corrupted MDF data.
  • [ClosedTalk]  v.1.4.1[ClosedTalk] is a secure VoIP solution for internet talk in total privacy. [ClosedTalk] provides user privacy, the confidence in the Identity of your talk partner and all other benefits of a VoIP solution. All data to establish a connection and the ...
  • Perfect Website Icons  v.2012.1Your online pages will look cool and more attractive with Perfect Website Icons. Color formats include 32-bit Windows 7 and 8-bit formats. Available sizes are 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48. This icon library includes popular website icons.
  • PHP Spell Check  v.3.28The PHP Spell Check component adds fast, reliable spell-checking to web sites and intranets. Installed on either IIS and Apache Servers, it works on all major browsers (from IE5 to Mobile Devices). ...
  • YPOPs  v.! is an application that provides POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail. How do we do it you ask? Well, this application is more like a gateway. It provides a POP3 server interface at one end to talk to email clients and an HTTP client (browser) ...
  • MakeMsi  v.11.087Written by a Microsoft MVP to create or update MSI (Windows Installer) based installers for files, registry etc using an XML like script. Has command line support for use in unattended builds (NMAKE, ANT, NANT builds etc). It builds a HTML report by ...
  • ProCurve Manager Plus  v.C.03.00ProCurve Manager Plus 3.
  • Xplosive VX  v.1.0A powerful software, that creates animated Flash banners, intros, and buttons ...
  • Precision Helper  v. RC1Tool for creating and managing help projects.
  • Extract Phone Numbers From Multiple VCF Files Software  v.7.0This software offers a solution to users who want to extract phone numbers from one or more VCF files. The user simply adds files or chooses an entire folder for processing. There are check boxes for phone number lengths from five to 20 digits.
  • Large File Finder  v.1.0.1Large File Finder was developed as a simple and handy piece of software that can help the user find out the largest file on the disk. It's very useful when you want to free some space but do not know what files eat up your space.
  • Power User Bundle  v.4.0.4050.29126Are you thinking about getting Attachment Save, Add Email Address, or Hide Fax Numbers add-ins? If so, then the Power User Bundle may be what you need. It includes three of the more popular add-ins for a single low price! The Power User Bundle ...
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